New work by Peiter Griga


January 22 - March 6, 2010

Opening Reception January 22, 6-8

Cincinnati artist Peiter Griga will open his exhibit ICANNOTREMEMBERALLTHATIHAVEFORGOTTEN at Prairie on January 22 from 6-8 pm. This exhibit is a culmination of Griga’s years of grappling with the concept of human memory. The exhibition consists, among other objects, of a video documentary of the artists’ interpretation of the ancient mellification ritual performed at Prairie prior to the opening. This ritual, derived from Mesopotamian mythology, consists of embalming corpses with honey and eventually, preparing them for consumption by the sick due to the belief in their curative powers. The show also includes cast beeswax sculptures which further represent Griga’s understanding of human memory as well as other video works. “The images and pieces in ICANNOTREMEMBERALLTHATIHAVEFORGOTTEN are small examples of the quiet fade of childhood, love, loss, myth and lies”, says Griga. The works in the exhibit are representations of the artist’s quasi-scientific explanation of how human memory is “encoded, stored and retrieved”. Griga received his education in fine arts from the University of Cincinnati and is currently the Imaging Educator at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati. The show will remain open until March 6.