Camera Obscura

Peiter Griga,iImage made with camera obscura at Prairie.

Andrea Milette


June 5 - August 8, 2009

Opening Reception June 5, 5-9 pm

 The camera obscura is a device formed by a pinhole which allows light to enter a completely dark room. The ability of pinholes to form images has been known since the 5th century BC! The first camera obscuras which used pinholes to form images on flat surfaces for scientific and artistic purposes were created in the 10th century AD. Their use in drawing by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci became popular in the 16th century and eventually led to the creation of cameras which could permanently record these images in the early 19th century.
Prairie's ode to the camera obscura includes traditional images made with the camera itself by artists Josh Pfeifer and Andrea Milette. Artists Peiter Griga, Phil Spangler, Laura Fisher, Jess Linz and Aaron Walker put a different twist on the traditional use of the camera with site specific performances and installations.